Our Process

All hand made in Scotland the manufacturing of Gold Hart involves combining a serious of ingredients and close control of temperature. Once the wax and perfume is blended, its hand poured into the glass, this insures that the perfume runs all the way through the candle to provide the scent to every last burn. The cotton wick is held in place and the wax is left to cure and cool for two days.

The design of the glass vessel was so important as the unlit candle is the modern day ornament providing an interior accessory with a cold and hot scent throw. This is why we removed the Gold Hart name from the front of the glass and placed it on the back. The gold foiled logo on the matt back vessel provides a well received change from the mundane glass jar, with a sticker on the front.

To be distinguished from competitors Gold Hart is an all black candle, there were many reasoning behind this. Firstly, of course, black matches everything, secondly, its an easier purchase for men and over all it was just something a bit different to what was being offered on the high street.

Once the wax is cured within the gold foiled vessel they are packaged by hand into the hot foil stamped box and sent to each customer.  

As there is no glue on the log, when the candle is finished, wash out the glass with hot water to dispel and wax remnants and fill with a plant, make up brushes, pens or whatever your heat desires.