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Gold Hart luxury scented candles capture a journey through the wild, yet romantic habitat of Scotland.

Specially selected fragrances, together with carefully blended natural materials are combined to create a collection of unique scented candles.

We aim to evoke a nostalgic journey reminiscent of the rich, distinctive, foraged nature of the Scottish wilds contrasting with the fresh, clean, delicate fragrances of the shoreline.

Our fragrance collection consists of five scents, all emulating the Gold Hart philosophy of the highest quality, luxury natural product.

The Gold Hart logo takes its origins from Scottish myth. In Scottish folklore, the white hart, a stag appeared to King David I of Scotland as a mystical vision.

The hart became a symbol of purity, redemption and good fortune.

David I positioned a holy cross on the place where the hart had been sighted, which is now known as the Palace of Holyrood, Edinburgh.

Five scents in Three Sizes

Gold Hart have strived to capture the essence of Scotland in a scent.

We looked at our five favourite landscapes and what fragrances captured the wild and dramatic elements then carefully blended this with the wax.

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